Ways to Improve you Handles

Well we want a good ball handling when it comes to basketball. We shout with excitement when we someone being put down in court with a sick crossover. But honestly many basketball players are not confident with their ball handling abilities. They struggle big time when they are being pressured by the opposing team. Like being pressured to win on online casinos, promotions & bonuses for bovada.lv can be found on this site if you want to have more value for your money.

In this post I will show you ways on how to improve your handles big time.

Things to do to Improve your Handles:

Use your finger pads to dribble

This is the most basic thing to do but is always neglected. To have the best control of the ball, you need to use your finger pads to dribble. It is not advisable to use your fingertips or your palm to dribble. A simple way to know if you are on the right way of dribbling, whatever is the way you hold the ball, it should be the same when you dribble.

Another tip is to push the ball using your finger pads. It is highly discouraged to smack the ball using your palm or jab the ball using your fingertips.

Lastly, your wrist should be in snapping motion to ensure that the ball will hit the floor on the right spot, so it will come back to your hand.

Pound the Basketball Harder

Another thing key is to pound the basketball harder when dribbling. It would be difficult for a defender to get it from your hand when you pound it harder cause it quickly goes back to your hand. You have more control of the ball the less the time the ball is out of your hands. Speaking of pounding, you are into online casino, you can win using this site with the promo codes they provide.

You should train your muscle to pound the ball harder. You should train harder so that when it comes to real game situations you are ready.

Get and Stay Low

This is straightforward, the lower you can go the better. As an offensive player you need beat your man by using your hips and shoulder.

You need a lot of training to achieve this and I will tell you that is not easy. The key is lower and still can pound the ball, that will give you better control.