Deadline for Submissions: 5pm October 21, 2004

The Houston Fire Department, the City of Houston Civic Art Program and the Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County are pleased to announce an open call for Houston area artists.

Opportunity: Houston area artists are invited to submit preliminary proposals for a civic art enhancement for the
new Fire Station 27. Fire Station 27 is located in the Denver
Harbor neighborhood on the east side of Houston at 6515
Lyons Avenue (at Gazin). The project location is on the
east side of the recently completed fire station. There is a
960 square area of bare concrete block wall that is sealed
with Blockfil 4000 an interior/exterior heavy duty acrylic
block filler. An electrical box and two downspouts are
located in this area of the wall.

Artist Responsibilities: The complete art project budget is $43,050.00. This includes all artist fees, materials, construction and installation costs, labor, travel, insurance, and contract development expenses. Artists are responsible for all aspects of the project, from concept design to installation.
Selection Process: All applications received will be reviewed by a Selection Panel. Following the first panel review meeting, two to three artists will be invited to present fully developed proposals. The finalists will each be paid a Two Hundred Dollar ($200) honorarium for this presentation. The Selection Panel will select one artist from the finalists to execute the project. This artist will enter into a contract with the City of Houston. The City of Houston and the Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County reserve the right to reject all submissions and cancel the project.
Project Budget: $43,050.00
  1. Size: 960 square feet
  2. Existing Surface Finish: Concrete Masonry Units with Bloxfil 4000 ("Interior/Exterior Heavy Duty Acrylic Block Filler).
  3. Location: 6515 Lyons Avenue, Houston, Texas
  4. Artists are encouraged to visit the completed fire station prior to submitting a proposal. Call Jack Williams at 713-247-8793 to arrange a visit.
  5. The Denver Harbor Civic Association is very interested in the outcome of this project.
Estimated Timeline:
    September 24, 2004
  2. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5PM, October 21, 2004
    November 4, 2004
  5. PUBLIC PRESENTATION: January 21, 2005
    July 14, 2005.

Submission Requirements:
All digital submittals must be microsoft word or jpg formats
  1. Current résumé including name, address, phone and e-mail;
  2. Up to ten (10) 35mm slides of previously completed work, top clearly marked, numbered, labeled OR up to ten (10) jpg files saved as artists name, numbered, and labeled.
  3. Slide list identifying slides by number and listing media, size, title, date, commission cost or purchase price and brief description of artwork if necessary;
  4. Up to two (2) 81/2" x 11" pages with rendering of concept. On a third page include information about materials, method of fabrication and installation and cost estimate

DEADLINE for ALL Completed Applications is 5pm OCTOBER 21, 2004.
Remit paper submissions to:
Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County,
Civic Art + Design
3201 Allen Parkway Suite 250
Houston, TX 77019
Remit digital submissions to
E-mail subject line must read: ?FS 27 RFP?
All Digital Files MUST BE Word or jpg FILES
All files must be attached to an e-mail

NO fax applications!

Important Information: Funding for this project is provided through the City of Houston Civic Art Program, funds for which are generated through Public Improvement Bonds. As such, all materials used to create artwork must be permanent in nature, having a life span of no less than 25 years. Exterior Paint is not acceptable.

Please note that the following will be required of the artist who is ultimately contracted for this project: (other contractual requirements can be found in the City of Houston standard civic art contract.

  • Commercial General Liability insurance including Contractual Liability insurance: $500,000 per occurrence; $1,000,000 aggregate.
  • Worker's Compensation including Broad Form All States endorsement: Statutory amount. (can be waived if artists signs waiver stating they have no employees.)
  • Automobile Liability insurance: $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence.
  • Property and Casualty Coverage: "All causes of loss" through final acceptance of the Project.

Artist shall be required to release and indemnify the city of Houston for injury, death, damage, or loss to persons or property sustained in connection with or incidental to performance under the Civic Art project agreement. In the contract, the Artist will be asked to expressly waive any and all rights arising under the Visual Artists Rights Act; however artist shall retain copyright to his/her work.

Questions? Call 713.527.9330 x35