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Our mission is to nurture, fund and promote participation in the arts in Houston and Harris County.

Posted: October 31, 2002

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| An Overview |

At the urging of a growing and diverse arts community, CACHH developed Technical Services Program, formely known as MODE, to provide management and technical assistance. This program's mission is to build the organizational capacity of multicultural, small and mid-sized arts organizations in Houston, facilitating their artistic growth and strengthening them as channels for diverse cultural expression in the community.

Through its four progressive components (General, Incubator, Intensive, and Stabilization Enterprise), Technical Services Program provides services to the full range of arts organizations located in the Greater Metropolitan Houston area. This program can offer assistance to either an artist just starting an art organization or to an older more established professional arts organization that needs help with specific areas of nonprofit management. With a reputation for quality, Technical Services workshops, networking sessions and resource library also attract social service nonprofits.

Supported by Grants and Technical Services and managed by Megan Womack, Assistant Director of Grants & Services, the Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County seeks to aid arts organizations in navigating the changing economic, social, and political storms ahead while continuing to provide the Houston community with exciting and diverse arts programming.

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| News and Updates |

    | Audience, Audience? Wherefore Art Thou? Effective Marketing for the Arts

    Wistful hope for an audience is not a viable option for arts organizations of the 21st Century. Today's audiences have limited time and resources yet the options to engage them are truly limitless. In this on the run environment, arts organizations must exercise their creative skills to connect with those audiences in new and exciting ways.

    Is your organization ready to meet this challenge? Are you ready to explore new and more cost-efficient ways to connect your programs with new audiences? If so, welcome to the American Express National Arts Marketing Project in Houston. Four thought-provoking seminars and panels scheduled for this fall will kick-off Houston's three-year participation as the 14th affiliate of the Arts & Business Council, Inc. for this unique and exciting project.

    The American Express National Arts Marketing Project is an innovative national training program offered by the Arts & Business Council, Inc. across the country. In 1996, the American Express Company became the founding sponsor of the Project at the national level and has renewed its commitment to support the Project through 2006. The renewed commitment of this distinguished corporate arts supporter makes it possible for Houston to become a site for this national initiative, through a partnership of the Mayor's Office and the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County.

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| Our Technical Services |

Organizations or individual artist applying for the first time are required to attend a grant workshop and to meet with Grants staff for a consultation. Please call the Cultural Arts Council at (713) 527-9330 to make an appointment.

    | General Services
    Technical Services Program provides various types of technical services to fix common problems and attack organizaitonal stabilization challanges. These problems and challanges can affect overall orgizational infrastructure and disrupt organizational growth. Our services supports the organization's leadership to seek and address the too-common problem of organization's being defeated by their own success, as their business methods, planning and strategies fail to keep up with their growth. In addition, our services can also help identify and other problemic areas within the organization that might disrupt growth and instability and recommend comprehesive solutions to these areas. Some of these areas include but not limited to; the lack of workable organizational structure, un unworkable marketing plan, or struggling leadership during an organizational transition

    In some cases, professional consultation is brought-in to identify problem areas within the organization's operational activities and and recommend specifics goals to effectively resolve these problem areas. In other cases, the Cultural Arts Council encourages the implementation of stabilization plans and provides funding for their execution. If neccassary, our staff can guide ancultural/arts organization on various strategic planning phases, implemenation steps and finding technical and financial resources to help with present stabilization plans.

    | Incubator Services
    This Technical Services Category provides efficient and streamlined supports for new nonprofit cultural/arts organizations in the Houston Metropolitan area and is one of the few formally-organized incubator programs for cultural/arts nonprofits in the United States. This program provides office space, computers, financial resources for infrastructure needs and other necessities to help these organizations to begin operation quickly and concentrate their resources on programs and fundraising. CACHH staff also helps with issues that must be addressed by these incubators, such as board development, personnel policies, and contract management.

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| Eligiblility Requirements |

Individual who are interested in finding out more about this program and how it may help their nonprofit cultural/arts organization's reach its potential are encouraged to contact the Cultural Arts Council's Grants and Technical Services Program staff at (713) 527-9330 or to setup a one-on-one meeting with our Assistant Director of Grants & Services.

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| Funding Sources |

The Cultural Arts Council's Technical Program is funded primarily by a grants from the Houston Endowment, the Texas Commission for the Arts (TCA) and National Endowment (NEA) . Other support comes from contributions of individuals and corporate sponsors throughout the greater Houston Metropolitan area.

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For grants information, please contact our grant staff at (713) 527-9330 or visit their website for a staff directory at www.cachh.org/staff.html.

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